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"Mainly MozArt", A Musical & Artistic Experience

Courtesy of the Mainly Mozart Family, the Art of Autism and Autism Society of San Diego, Mainly Mozart Genius Weekend was a musical and artistic experience which happened June 8th . It was "Celebrating Genius in Unexpected Places" . A welcoming reception took place at a luxurious mansion in Elfin Forest between Rancho Santa Fe and Escondido of North San Diego County.

I was inspired to create a special painting I entitled, "MozArt". I grew up listening classical music while doing my studies. In my teen years, I learned to play the violin, piano, and guitar. The Marriage of Figaro overture is my favorite of Mozart's musical masterpieces . While playing this piece on piano the notes became colorful in my imagination. I began to paint each musical note the color I saw in my mind. I continued to listened to Mozart's music throughout the creation of this painting. It inspired me to go out on a limb and paint his hair the same color as some of the notes. I would hope Mozart would find my painting fascinating as I do his music.

I was honored to help promote The Mainly Mozart Genius Weekend on the KUSI TV morning news on location at the Balboa Theater in San Diego near Horton Plaza days before the actual event. I was next to several young people who were amazing musicians from the youth orchestra rehearsing for the Mainly Mozart concert on June 10th. (Myself with Allie of KUSI and Angelica of Mainly Mozart.)

I was one of the guest artist to paint LIVE along with another autistic artist, Jeremy Sicile-Kira. Guests dined on delicious food and toured the art curated by The Art of Autism with Debra Muzikar and Keri Bowers. It was very special being with so many of my artist friends sharing their work in this beautiful location, the home of our hosts and Mainly Mozart Board members, DeAnn Cary and Bill Jech. Throughout the evening, I painted on two portraits, Mark Twain and Albert Einstein. Guests were intrigued that I painted on the canvases upside down while working on the portraits. I do this so I can concentrate on painting the shapes, colors and shadows instead of getting lost in the emotion I see from their faces. I was very happy three of my pieces sold that evening.

After dinner, it was a real treat to experience a live concert by talented musicians who also just so happened on the spectrum. The Kingsmen Band, Reid Moriarty, Alexander Pruetting, Victoria Rose and all the way from England, the incredibly talented Derek Paravicini. The music was so beautiful and inspiring!

Lots of my friends were present at the event were Debra Muzikar, Keri Bowers, Ikea Wilson, Austin Jones, my former music teacher Vanessa Contopulous ,Michael Fryer, Linda Martin of Miracle 139 International, Zap Martin, Jim, Andrea and Reid Moriarty and The Ladies of the ASA ~ Shirley, Amy and Kay, Julie and Angela and Mike and so many more! I was happy to meet so many new friends too!

I look forward to working with Mainly Mozart, ASA San Diego and The Art of Autism in the future! A special Thank You to each and every one of you and our hosts DeAnn Cary and Bill Jech!

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