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Joel and Reid In The Word Launches 3 New Videos

It is official! Joel Anderson has loaded 3 new final cuts for "Joel and Reid In The Word," "Reid's Psalm," "Doxology," and "Fairest Lord Jesus." He was guided through all aspects of production with the help of his photographer/videographer mentor, Adam Lanser.

From storyboarding, to shooting, to editing the final cut, Joel has been able to combine his passions of videography and his faith to create these video devotionals for young adults with special needs.

These videos would hope to inspire people with special needs to get into the word of God and help facilitate community.

Please enjoy the new videos and share with your friends and family.

Joel and Reid In The Word - Reid's Psalm

Joel and Reid In The Word - Doxology

Joel and Reid In The Word - Fairest Lord Jesus

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