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How Germs Spread - Animated short film for African Water Projects

On February 2016, I've recently done an animated educational short film "How Germs Spread". Last year on February 2015 at the Joni and Friends Global Access Conference, I was hired by one of my clients, Paul Knerr of the African Water Projects, to do an animated short film for teaching the people in many countries in Africa on how germs spread and how to keep their bodies healthy and the waters clean.

In the middle of work, I've hired one of my high school teachers, Mercy Gitobu of Kenya to be the voice of Grandma Eloise, and Mercy's husband, Alan as the voice of the narrator for the whole animation. I also did the funny voices of the germs and the children.

This animated video was already been shown in many countries in Africa including Cape Town in South Africa, Kenya, Togo, Malawi, Tanzania, etc. Medical Missions Team

Click here to see the video on Vimeo.

or Click here to see the video on YouTube.

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