Joel Anderson, A trip to Peru with Miracle 139 International

This is my trip to Peru. It was my very first time to visit South America. I was part of Miracle139 International, a missions trip to educate and train schools and churches on special needs inclusion, autism training supports and more and to help people with all abilities in need of hopes and smiles. On August 10th, 2017, my mom, Sandi, and I started our adventure with the Miracle 139 team, Linda Martin, Teresa De Leon, Marissa "Mume", Adam Lanser, Erin Webb, Courtney Orlinger, Char Shackelford Mishler, and Celeste Cardenas, to the country of Peru as a missions trip. We first flew in to the Lima airport from the Tijuana International airport. I was the keynote speaker at a one day special ne

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