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My Trip To Bar B Ranch, Wyoming

A Cowboy in the Making

The Bar B Ranch & Livestock Program in Burlington Wyoming

A few short days before I arrived in Wyoming, I was in Los Angeles with Temple Grandin and Friends ! Temple was happy to hear I was headed out to work with the cattle and horses for the next 7 weeks! In late May when I arrived at Barbie Hart's, Bar B Ranch and LivestockProgram, I had no idea what was in store for me! During this trip I experienced my first time wrangling and branding cattle; I was nervous and faint at first but I pushed through it. It was amazing to work along side and learn from REAL cowboys ! At the end of the day I, think I was standing a few inches taller because I was so proud and it felt great to put in a long hard days work.

Terry teaching me to brand the calves, and all the cowboys

My buddy Davis and I learned how to Push Cattle and we were able to load the cattle (the mothers with the calves) into the cattle truck and transport them to the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) pastures between Cody and Burlington, Wyoming. (See location on map)

I also got to read my Medieval Trio Tales books to children from kindergarten to 4th grade communities of Powell, Cody, and Burlington. I was very excited to share my story.

The Bar B Ranch had their first big fundraiser while I was there at the Double Doc Ranch in Cody. Lexie, Barbie and I recorded a PSA for the radio and we were all interviewed live on KODI radio ! I had ranchers say they heard me on their radios while they were out driving their combine tractors in the field cutting the hay.

I was also interviewed by [a reporter] for the local newspaper. Unfortunately they put an awful photo of me in the paper so I was too embarrassed to share it with anyone. There were great photos to choose from, why they picked the one that made me look pathetic I have no idea.

They should have put this one in the paper!

The fundraiser at Double Doc Ranch in Cody was a big success. Everyone worked so hard. Lexie, Kevin and I all spoke and we contributed art to raise money for the program.

I donated my painting, Buffalo Bill, through live auction where all the proceeds went to the Bar B Ranch and Livestock program. -- Thank you Nick Allen, for your generosity! I think he bought up all the art and books I donated!

Barbie Hart is an amazing person, teacher and friend. I also learned so much from Ashley and Terry (my real cowboy friend) This was the longest time for me to be away from my family, having spent two months in Wyoming. Davis, Zach and I did great living and cooking and working together. Zach took us fishing up at the favorite little lake up in the hills and I caught a fish !

We learned so much about horses and cattle and taking care of the ranch and being a part of a community. It was time for me to conclude my journey. After all that time in Wyoming I felt homesick and missed my family. Overall, I had a great experience out on the ranch because I got to improve/learn new skills as an artist, speaker, author, and cowboy!

What a terrific way to spend my summer!I look forward to returning soon to see our Red Angus Bull Calf, Stewart Anderson and Liberty Belle our little heifer, and I can't forget my buddy Jose the Donkey !

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