Inspiration from the easel: Music

This painting I've made was entitled "Tres Musique". That painting consists of a musician with six arms playing the piano, the violin, and the guitar. These are all the instruments that I've practiced throughout the first decade of the 21st century. I'd rather listen to music than play it. Especially Joshua Bell who is my favorite violinist. My favorite guitarist isChristopher Parkening.

Do Everything without complaining or arguing

"Do everything without complaining or arguing." Phillipians 2:14 I learned this verse from a music video for kids by Steve Green called Hide 'em in Your Heart. I listened to it many times and it is very useful still when my mom asks me to do something. Saturday though I got to remind her of it.

Inspiration from the easel: Crab

I saw the crab on a photo from Google. I painted it for anyone who likes sea creatures. It's been exhibited in the Barnsdall Gallery Theater in Hollywood. I had to paint a new one when the first one was purchased. Crabs are part of crustaceans; they remind me of the beach. Today I am headed to the beach with my friend, Blake and my mom. I'm going to swim. I tried surfing when I was 13 at San Onofre. It was wonderful. Some day I might do it again. I've seen a crab the other day at Oceanside when I was 10. It looked like this:

Joel's Excellent Montana Adventure

I swaggered through the saloon doors at the only place in Calico ghost town. In my best Clint Eastwood voice, "I'll have a rootbeer, please." "We don't serve rootbeer here, how 'bout a Sioux City sarsaparilla, the granddaddy of rootbeer?" said the bartender. Without reservation I replied, "I'll take two of those!" I treated mom to one. They went down "smooth and easy!" That was the first stop on Mom and Joel's Excellent Adventure that turned out to be 3,500, nine states in 13 days. Hu Hot is a Mongolian grill restaurant originally in Kalispell, MT. I went to that one as well as the second one in Spokane. I ordered myself a make your own meal of meats, rice noodles, and vegetables.

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