Where did my art go this Summer?

(Photo) Sea Lion 8x10 $175 framed I got to go to Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Montana, Washington, and Oregon this summer. My artwork, on the other hand, got to go to the Hamptons, Glen Neck, New York, Soho,Edinburgh, Scotland, Hollywood, Carpenteria and will soon be showing in Vancouver, Canada. Must be nice! (Photo) Edinburgh, Scotland (Photo) the Hamptons

Back to school!

Next week, class is at Mira Costa College on Monday. I have classes on Flash Animation and Video Production. I'm really excited to do stuff. I don't know these professors, but I will be with some returning students along with new students. I expect these classes would be about 20 students since they're lab classes and we each get a computer. My life skills coach, Lindsay will go with me to class this semester like Blake and Becca have before. They help me stay focussed and take notes with me. Lindsay used to live in Minnesota. She moved to California and is also a personal trainer and nutritionist. I look forward to having her help with my public speaking. I'm gonna miss going to the

Inspiration from the easel: Capernaum

Often people ask me to donate paintings for fundraisers. Sometimes I give new paintings I've made for fundraisers and sometimes I give some old paintings I already have on hand. This week, I've been working on a painting called Capernaum for theYoung Life Capernaum event on September 8th. Last fall, I first met Tobias Haglund, the Area Director of Young Life Capernaum. Tobias and I got to know each other and to do stuff together. He comes up to my house to see me, and once took me to the Pirates dinner theatre, or to the beach. I was able to help him at the Capernaum Talent show by filming with two cameras. I painted Capernaum which is a town described in the Bible where men lowered a si

Me and Adi

What I like about Adi is that he is my best friend in need. Adi has been my mentor since the second annual Autism Tree Project Foundation - University of San Diego Football Mentor Program. Adi's real name was Al Rilwan Adeyemi. He is originally from Nigeria which is the country of the continent of Africa. Adi's family now lives in Santa Monica, California, and he lives near the University of San Diego campus. Adi goes there to be a football player under supervision by Coach Ron Caragher. Sometimes, Adi and I go on outings together. I have fun with him. Adi is like my adoptive brother just like Kyle Negrete who is also my best friend. Football season is about to begin. I look forward to seei

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