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Me and Adi

What I like about Adi is that he is my best friend in need.

Adi has been my mentor since the second annual Autism Tree Project Foundation -

University of San Diego Football Mentor Program.

Adi's real name was Al Rilwan Adeyemi. He is originally from Nigeria which is the country of the continent of Africa.

Adi's family now lives in Santa Monica, California, and he lives near the

University of San Diego campus. Adi goes there to be a football player under supervision by Coach Ron Caragher.

Sometimes, Adi and I go on outings together. I have fun with him.

Adi is like my adoptive brother just like Kyle Negrete who is also my best friend.

Football season is about to begin. I look forward to seeing Adi play and hope the Toreros have a winning season. Here are some pictures of us and a video of Adi speaking at the new ATPF office.

(Photo) On the field at USD

(Photo) Tio Leo's restaurant with Adi, (Far left), Joel, Kyle, and Jon Jon (Far right).

(Photo) Locker room

(Photos; Top and Bottom) My caricatures of Adi and me.

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