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The sky's the limit! Public speaking Saturday at Concert of Prayer.

I am going to speak at theConcert of Prayer at the North Coast Calvary Church in Carlsbad on May 21st, 2011. I'm going to have my friends, Kyle Negrete, Tobias Haglund, and Jasmine Prince to accompany me for this event. Mom made a bulletin board to display pictures of me and Kyle throughout the years. Kyle is my friend who was a college football player who was in University of San Diego and University of Southern California. He and I first met at the first annual ATPF/ USD football mentor program since 2009. He became my mentor and team liaison for the first year until the next year the team liaison was given to Al Rilwan Adeyemi. He and I are gonna talk about how much we love God. The Concert of Prayer event is at 10 am, if you live in Southern California, come on over.

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