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Fantastic Art Show in Hollywood

Last thursday, May 19, 2011, Joel met up with Kyle Negrete at Barnsdall Gallery Park in Hollywood and together they set up his art pieces, his easels, his table, and even his business cards. Keri Bowers greeted them, and so did Dani Bowman, Scott Siegel from the Arrest My Sister band, Nick Guzman, Debbie Hosseini, and Joel's buddy, Al-Rilwan Adeyemi. Joel gave his friends gifts like caricatures he made of his friends, including Keri Bowers.Joel was thrilled that he sold a few paintings, cards, and photo cubes with art in them. He worked at his art sale from 5 pm to 9:30 pm until he got really tired and started to pack up and ready to head for home.

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