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Joel Anderson

1318 Friends Way, Fallbrook, Ca 92028 – 760-731-0913 HOME or 760-579-8929 MOBILE

Mixed media professional. (Photoshop, filmmaking, artist, author, illustrator, animator, etc.)


Exceptional Minds Studios  - 2014-2016

Fall 2010 – Spring 2012

Mira Costa College                                             

Mixed Media and Graphic Arts, Phi Theta Kappa

Flash Animation (Mira Costa College at Oceanside, CA) Fall 2011

Creating an app for Medieval Trio Tales for my children’s book (Spring 2012)

Video Production Class (Mira Costa College at Oceanside, CA) Fall 2011

Maya 3D animation (Mira Costa College at Oceanside, CA) Spring 2011

Illustrator CS5 (Mira Costa College at Oceanside, CA) Fall 2010

Mixed Media (Mira Costa College at Oceanside, CA) Fall 2010

PHI THETA KAPPA Initiated in April 2012

Painter 2 Online Course (Palomar College at San Marcos) Fall 2010

Photoshop 2 CS5 (Palomar College at San Marcos) Spring 2010

Painter 1 (Palomar College at San Marcos) Spring 2010

Photoshop CS3 Class (Palomar College at Escondido, CA) Summer 2007

Spring 2010 - Present

Mentored by International Artist Julienne Johnson

Private classes:

*Suzette Phillips

*Richard Stergulz - The Green Art House at Pala Mesa Resort, Fallbrook, CA

Howie Hoffman - Exceptional Minds Studios, Sherman Oaks, CA

Flash Animation

*Internship with The World Autism Channel, West Palm Beach, FL

Diana Michellotti – Apex, North Carolina

Animation on Toon Boom, Illustration on books

*Intern for Scott Leslie - Eugene Scott Productions at San Diego, CA

Editing on Final Cut Pro

*Paul Ryker – Escondido, Ca 

Drawing, Preparation to animation

*Rob Cozzens – Santee, CA

Animation - MAYA 3D animation, Toon Boom


Joel’s Vision Arts Website              2003 – Present

A Dream Production 2018-2019 Video Production Narrative Chosen for Digi-Fest Temecula 2019

Personal website that shows art work, awards, public speaking, store that sells commercial art, Illustrated children’s book, etc.

Joel and Reid In The Word Bible Devotionals (2017-present)

Medieval Trio Tales Cut Out Characters - Art Project (August 2016)

How Germs Spread, African Water Projects (February 2016)

I Can Fly with Jet Blue, TSA Cares, and San Diego International Airport (October 2013)

Medieval Trio Tales: Courage at the Concert (Illustrations, 2013)

Sandy Claws (Toon Boom Animate, Seen on The Autism Channel, 2012)

Medieval Trio Tales: Courage at the Concert - On App (2012)

Charlie Chaplin’s Hat (2011)

Autism Tree Project  and University of San Diego Football Mentor Program Documentary (2011)



Illustrator Children's Books "Rudi's Stories" by Author Wendy Hancock Book 1 2018

Early Childhood Music Therapy and Autism Spectrum Disorder, Second Edition: Supporting Children and Their Families 2nd Edition, Kindle Edition - Joel Anderson Chapter Illustrations

African Water Projects 2015 - 2016 (commissioned animator)

ATPF Ambassador 2013 - Present 

ATPF 2003 - present (comissioned artist, logos, graphic design, public speaking, and paintings)



Drawing on paper and on computer, painting on canvas and on watercolor, filmmaking, Photoshop, Illustrator, graphic designer, animator on Dragon Frame, Toon Boom, and Adobe Flash.



Avid Media Composer

Adobe Flash, Illustrator, and Photoshop

Certified in Adobe Flash CS6 and Adobe Photoshop CS6

Toon Boom – Studio, ANIMATE, and Harmony

Dragonframe stop motion

Microsoft Word

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