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"Jesus paid it all"


Joel started his business when he was nearly 13 years old in 2003. At first he made hand drawn art and digital art on cards as gifts back in 2000. He calls his business "Joel's Vision Arts". At the same time, he was asked by "Autism Tree Project Foundation" to paint a picture of Doug Flutie for their first fundraiser, and Joel eventually volunteered with the founders of ATPF, Dayna Hoff, her husband Todd, and their three year old son Garrett. He had been volunteering for ATPF for 14 years now.


Joel even made many art as centerpieces for any ATPF events, paintings for donations, and even did art shows and art sales everywhere. He had art collectors from San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, Los Gatos, and many other places in the USA, even art collectors from around the world.

In 2008, Joel has painted 2 centerpieces, celebrities like James Toney, the 10 time world champion boxer, and Lorenzo Neal, the San Diego Chargers Football Player, for the ATPF 5 year gala.

In 2009, he helped ATPF organize a Mentor Program with the University of San Diego Torero Football Team. I was the first to be matched with Kyle Negrete, who is the team liaison for the program.

In month of October in 2010, I was nominated and awarded by International Naturally Autistic People Awards for ANCA, for my Community Achievement. The next year, I was one of the hosts for the awards ceremony. I sang my song I've writen, I gave my speech, I sold some of my art, and I even led an art workshop. In 2012, I am an International Ambassador for Autism alongside Temple Grandin.

On April 2012, I was involved in doing chalk art with Kelly Green of at the Chalk Festival in Covina.

On summer of 2013, I worked at a ranch in Wyoming with one of my old friends, Barbie Hart, at a place called Bar B Ranch and Livestock Program. I ride on horseback, fix the fences, feed the cows and horses, and learn to get along with anyone like me. Then in July I traveled to China to be an encouragement to the children with special needs at an Orphanage near Jiaozuo. I painted some murals on canvas like Noah's Ark, and paint animals on the walls for the children's rooms.


Awards and Recognition: 

April 14, 2020 Joel Anderson won third place for his submission of Queen Amidala and Princess Leia from Star Wars for the The Art of Autism Women History Art Contest. 

March 9, 2020 Third Prize winner of the Stanford Neurodiversity Celebration Week Unity Contest for his submission of his Brain art from his iPad in 2018.

Joel's animated educational short film "How Germs Spread" for African Water Projects won 3rd place for the Visual Arts Category for ANCA in 2016.


April 10, 2015 State of California Senate Certificate of Recognition - Senator Joel Anderson to Joel Anderson:

"In special recognition of your unyielding commitment to advocating for autism awareness in the San Diego community and for your global recognition as an artist and seasoned public speaker"


November 2, 2013 Autism Tree Project Foundation Volunteer of the Decade.

April 14, 2012   "Inspiring in Spirit "  The Jeffrey M. Kellen   'Carpe - Inspirus Award     Presented to the Artist Best Seizing The Chance To Breathe Life Through Creativity    
2012 Autism Chalk Art Festival

September 14, 2011 Letter of Recognition  by The Congress United States House of Representatives from Darrell E. Issa member of Congress   

October 2010  1st International Naturally Autistic  People Awards  for:
Community Achievement for an Adult with Autism,  Vancourver, B.C. Canada

October 2010   Certificate of Recognition from the State of California Senate
from Senator Denise Ducheny

March 10, 2011 Autism Tree Project Foundation 'Butterfly Award for bringing about remarkable change and transformation to children and families with autism.

Community Outreach Volunteer of the Year 2004-Autism Tree Project Foundation

Einstein: painting Blue Ribbon 1st place 2003; Fallbrook Gallery

Lion: Honorable Mention 2004; Fallbrook Jr. Wildlife Art Show

Cowboy Dad: Blue Ribbon 1st






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