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Assembly Feedback

What the kids are saying:

"Thanks you for coming and saying everything you reminded me to treat everyone the same and not to bully or be rude to anyone because of a disability" - Brianna

"Thank you so much for coming to our school to talk about ability awareness, I could never make a presentation in front of 300 kids. You are very inspiring" - Grace

"Thank you for the great assembly you were very inspirational, I'll be looking forward to your second book!" - Grant

"I like having you at our school because you are the best artist that I've ever seen. Your drawings should be on a billboard in Hollywood" - Lali

"Thank you for speaking at the assembly. You are a great artist. Your songs and books are fantastic!" - Madison

"Thank you for coming to our school and sharing with us. You are my hero. You've inspired me to draw and be creative. I know it must be tuff for you. If I ever see a guy picking on an autism kid. Then I will stick up for him"- Tyler

What the adults are saying:

"You're an excellent artist, songwriter, author, and singer. The kids like singing along with you and we'll be singing those songs for a long time"- Principal La Costa Heights Elementary

"You're assembly is the best one we've had in 10 years" - Teacher La Costa Heights Elementary

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